Sunday, November 16, 2008

recent work~ more things for the initial update

this is more of the work i had planned to show in the initial post.
an ink drawing i did recently of a secretary bird- quite possible my favorite bird ever- they have these really cool head feathers.
the first assignment for our advance drawing project class. we had to take a hallway from the isabella stewart gardner museum and give it a thematic timeframe before 1945. i chose the dark ages.
another project for advanced drawing project. the focus of the assignment was hands. mad scientist!
personal project, expiramenting with splatter and ink.
i did this one before the one above it.
the first painting we did in painting for illustrators class. still life
painting of a model in painting for illustrators class.

i love being in the studio :)

-David Wentworth (c) 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

these are 4 of the 7 pages in a short instructional story i made for illustration 2. the assignment was to teach people how to swim- i had some fun with it and decided to tell the story of a dog teaching a boy the doggy-paddle. there are 10 panels total- these are just some of my favorites. they are mix media watercolour and photoshop.

~~~~~To see the rest of these pages visit my Flickr account :D~~~~~

-David Wentworth
(c) 2008

These are the three submissions I sent into the illustration T-shirt contest. The top one is a mythical creature I created affectionately called a "gerbilcorn". The second, a chameleon, and the third, an alien beast with spaceman warrior.

-David Wentworth
(c) 2008

this first one is a splash page i made for my studio. i may add more colour to it yet. i was working to make it diverse both in topic and medium.

this one and the one below it i actually did over the summer in spain. scarabs (also known as dung beetles) are common in my family's hometown. they fly all over the place like miniature apache choppers: very loud, very bold- very COOL :D i found a dead one and, careful not to touch it (since it, as its name implied, smelled of the dung it so loved) did some anatomical studies and even managed to pry its wing and abdominal shell open without breaking it.
the first piece i did for olson's painting for illustrators class. the assignment was a small warm up still life. we werent allowed to spend more than half an hour on it. fun stuff- i really enjoy his class, ill be posting more from that class soon

the first project for illustration 2: to make a mask that we design. mine is an alien meld between the japanese giant hornet and the australian bulldog ant. this took 1 week.
3/4 view
charicature assignment for illustration 2: the dalai lama

cover submission for the first new inprint issue: secrets. i thought this was a fun idea to go with the theme- the secret that bigfoot is actually a prank being played out by other mythical creatures/ urban legends.
illustration 2's assignment to illustrate a poem called "note" which is about a rat that finds its wayon stage during a performance of the nativity scene, and is subsequentially killed. i thought this poem was particularly sad, although many found it humorous.
this sparrow is one of many personal projects that i will be uploading in the near future. he is made of corrugated cardboard.

so i finally update! my apologies for the delay, and even still this isnt nearly all the work i plan to upload, but its a good start. i still have a bunch to scan and photograph.

-David Wentworth

(c) 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

blogsite online

apologies: i will post work soon- gotta take some pics/ scans

im also working on building a website which ill post upon its completion