Sunday, November 16, 2008

recent work~ more things for the initial update

this is more of the work i had planned to show in the initial post.
an ink drawing i did recently of a secretary bird- quite possible my favorite bird ever- they have these really cool head feathers.
the first assignment for our advance drawing project class. we had to take a hallway from the isabella stewart gardner museum and give it a thematic timeframe before 1945. i chose the dark ages.
another project for advanced drawing project. the focus of the assignment was hands. mad scientist!
personal project, expiramenting with splatter and ink.
i did this one before the one above it.
the first painting we did in painting for illustrators class. still life
painting of a model in painting for illustrators class.

i love being in the studio :)

-David Wentworth (c) 2008

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Fluffy said...

I hate bugs, but I like those squished ones. They look so real XD