Sunday, January 24, 2010

a seed is planted in the chaos of destruction:

extenuating circumstances made me unable to update this blog
but all is well now(or as well as to be expected)~! :D

a lot has happened in the months since

my degree project is nearing completion- it is a graphic novel i have made from the ground up! i am very excited about it and plan to work on publishing it as soon as it is done.

so i have a new website: be sure to check it out! i like the layout, but not the template display- i plan to change it asap but for now i feel its quaint and professional

soon i will be departing to England and Scotland as part of a 2 week class that will show me the illustration, animation and graphic design opportunities there as well as be a great chance to immerse myself in their wonderful culture.

i also have been applying to grad schools- so far i have received 1 acceptance letter and am waiting to hear from others

below is the portfolio of work i sent to them (though not in the order as presented below)

until next time

(c) 2010 David Wentworth

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